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Headbangin’ in a Heavy Metal Universe

The Heavy Metal Universe! That’s the title that got my attention over at ScienceBlogs. I happen to like heavy metal music and Ethan Siegel did a headbangin’ up job describing heavy metals out there. Read, The Heavy Metal Universe!

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MIT – Sara Seager: Planetary Scientist and Astrophysicist

Just added Seager’s Exoplanet site to the Exoresources page. Very nice professional/personal site detailing exoplanet research at MIT. Go directly to the site: Sara Seager.

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Educators and Kids: Animated Film About Exoplanets at BrainPOP

This is a great resource for educators and home schooled kids. BrainPOP Exoplanet Site and Animated Film

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Exoplanets Seen by Hubble in 1998 Finally Revealed

Phil Plait over at Discover’s Bad Astronomy writes about the hidden exoplanets in Hubble data. Exoplanets Seen by Hubble in 1998 Finally Revealed

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Apple iPhone, iPad Exoplanet App

For the Apple users out there, a recently updated Exoplanet app. Get daily updates of exoplanet discoveries along with nice galaxy visuals. Developer, Hanno Rein’s app site.

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She Holds a Doctorate in Space Aliens

Well, almost. She’s Pascale Ehrenfreund, an astrobiologist. Astrobiolgists study life in all forms in outer space. This can range from organic molecules, the basis for life, to the biological effects of space on plants and animals. Maybe even aliens someday.

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ATTN: Armchair Astronomers. You too can hunt for exoplanets.

Planet Hunters, a web site with the Kepler findings, is now open to the public. Take a look. Hunt a planet. Learn more from Andrea Parrish here.

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Fifty New Exoplanets

“Fifty new exoplanets discovered by HARPS” at Astronomy Magazine. Read more at Also, a National Geographic article.

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The Rocky Planet Picture Show?

It’s rainin’ rocks! Hallelujah it’s rainin’ rocks! Credit: ESO/L. Calcada At least that’s how it is on COROT-7b, a little rocky planet with bigger climate problems than our own. Forecast for tomorrow: 100% chance of rock storms. It’s suggested to pack a light jacket.

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Galileo’s Telescope

Google’s sporting a telescopic logo today in honor of the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s telescope. Astronomical science as we know it would not exist without the simple tool of capturing light. Here’s a blog post from several months back about telescopes, and a trailer from the Eyes on the Skies film about the past 400 […]

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