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Carl Sagan – "Cosmos" Remixed

As an aspiring professional musician, one of my musical interests lie in the creation of science music. That is, music to inspire and educate about the sciences and their history, in much the same way science fiction does through print and film media. So when I came across Symphony of Science‘s, “A Glorious Dawn” featuring […]

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Powers of Ten. Your Body. The Universe.

If you’ve taken an astronomy class you’ve probably seen this awesome 1977 vintage video using really cool graphics and editing for the time (even still) to convey a sense of what powers of ten looks like. Music is Gas – Microscopic, was edited in, and is available as a free download.

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Things are a little quiet on the exoplanet front. Either that or I’m too busy with school to really delve. So here are some telescope videos with heavenly epic inspirational space music, or something thereabouts. Beginning of the Eyes On The Skies movie. 400 years of Telescopes. Go here for the rest. Spitzer Some […]

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Happy Earth Day!

“It’s your birthday! It’s on Earth Day! Eat your beets, recycle…recycle… Don’t eat your beets, recycle…recycle…” || Devin Townsend – “Earth Day” from the album Terria If you’re not familiar with Devin Townsend, he’s a Canadian progressive metal musician who incorporates science and space in song themes and lyrics. While this site is about exoplanets, […]

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