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“Neil deGrasse Tyson Remembers His First Meeting with Carl Sagan” at Open Culture

“Neil deGrasse Tyson Remembers His First Meeting with Carl Sagan” at Open Culture. → Read the article and watch the video ← Skeptic Trumps Cards by Crispian Jago, Caricatures by Neil Davies

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Big Views. Big Thoughts. Philosophy and Science.

It amazes me how early philosophers came up with science and space ideas later shown to be true. Epicurus and Democritus and atoms, for instance. I really enjoy The Big View, which explores philosophy and science. From Buddhism to Quantum Mechanics, The Big View explores the relationships and ideas of these systems. From the site: […]

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¡Carl Sagan Day!

Happy Carl Sagan Day 2011! Previous post on Carl Sagan: Carl Sagan – Cosmos Remixed

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History of Science!

I’m a history graduate and student, and I love science, of course, so I was very happy to stumble on this list! List of History of Science Blogs Also added to the Exoresources blog list. by Kotomicreations

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Powers of Ten. Your Body. The Universe.

If you’ve taken an astronomy class you’ve probably seen this awesome 1977 vintage video using really cool graphics and editing for the time (even still) to convey a sense of what powers of ten looks like. Music is Gas – Microscopic, was edited in, and is available as a free download.

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Happy Moonday on Monday

I’m a few hours late since it is now Tuesday, but yesterday we were talking about how the original NASA Moon Landing footage had been lost, and copies are being sought to recompile and digitize. Will be exciting to see a new documentary. Here is an inspiring CNN article about Neil Armstrong’s hometown of Wapakoneta, […]

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Les Peltier – The World’s Greatest "Amateur" Astronomer

There are many interesting science and mathematical topics out there, so I am expanding beyond exoplanets as the focus in this blog. In addition to Web development, I am also a history major who enjoys finding the unheard tales. Lately I have been reading the book Strange Tales From Ohio. In it is a story […]

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Things are a little quiet on the exoplanet front. Either that or I’m too busy with school to really delve. So here are some telescope videos with heavenly epic inspirational space music, or something thereabouts. Beginning of the Eyes On The Skies movie. 400 years of Telescopes. Go here for the rest. Spitzer Some […]

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