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Updated outdated information in Exoscience and Exoresources. Will update Exoresources’ and Exogalleries’ links that are broken in the next week. by 6 May.  sometime when I’m able.

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Slowing Down and Updating the Site

Too many projects on my plate at the moment that I can’t keep up with posting the latest, cool exoplanet info. I do plan on updating the site with some better functionality in the next few months in summer of 2014, while preserving the same look. Just better organized links and navigation on pages with a […]

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History of Science!

I’m a history graduate and student, and I love science, of course, so I was very happy to stumble on this list! List of History of Science Blogs Also added to the Exoresources blog list. by Kotomicreations

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Women of Science and Their Blogs

I long for a day when we don’t need special categories of recognition, but until that time, Online Universities has a nice list of 50 female scientists who are blogging. Also added to the Exoresources blog list.

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MIT – Sara Seager: Planetary Scientist and Astrophysicist

Just added Seager’s Exoplanet site to the Exoresources page. Very nice professional/personal site detailing exoplanet research at MIT. Go directly to the site: Sara Seager.

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Welcome Back, Exoworld Blog

Ah. My poor, neglected blog. Well, we both had some other things to do and took a break from one another, but now we’re back on track. For me, a heavy load of college among other things sucked my time and energy into a vortex. A lot has happened with exoplanet exploration since then, and […]

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Welcome to the Exoworld.Info Blog

First post! I’m happy to finally get the blog rolling. Lots of stuff happening with exoplanet research to post about. And after all, it is the International Year of Astronomy. In the meantime, I always talk about the benefits of space exploration on everyday technology we use, but odor-free underwear is a bit surprising. How […]

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