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The Rocky Planet Picture Show?

It’s rainin’ rocks! Hallelujah it’s rainin’ rocks! Credit: ESO/L. Calcada At least that’s how it is on COROT-7b, a little rocky planet with bigger climate problems than our own. Forecast for tomorrow: 100% chance of rock storms. It’s suggested to pack a light jacket.

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Galileo’s Telescope

Google’s sporting a telescopic logo today in honor of the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s telescope. Astronomical science as we know it would not exist without the simple tool of capturing light. Here’s a blog post from several months back about telescopes, and a trailer from the Eyes on the Skies film about the past 400 […]

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Powers of Ten. Your Body. The Universe.

If you’ve taken an astronomy class you’ve probably seen this awesome 1977 vintage video using really cool graphics and editing for the time (even still) to convey a sense of what powers of ten looks like. Music is Gas – Microscopic, was edited in, and is available as a free download.

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Les Peltier – The World’s Greatest "Amateur" Astronomer

There are many interesting science and mathematical topics out there, so I am expanding beyond exoplanets as the focus in this blog. In addition to Web development, I am also a history major who enjoys finding the unheard tales. Lately I have been reading the book Strange Tales From Ohio. In it is a story […]

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Things are a little quiet on the exoplanet front. Either that or I’m too busy with school to really delve. So here are some telescope videos with heavenly epic inspirational space music, or something thereabouts. Beginning of the Eyes On The Skies movie. 400 years of Telescopes. Go here for the rest. Spitzer Some […]

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Gliese 581 d & e

The lightest exoplanet yet known is now Gliese e. Gliese d has been reevaluated and is thought to be within the habitable zone. Find out more at and Wired Science.   Based on a diagram by Franck Selsis, University of Bordeaux. ESO

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Alan P. Boss – The Crowded Universe

Alan Boss is an astrophysicist and one of the main members behind the Kepler Mission, which launched in 03.09. His book The Crowded Universe: The Search for Living Planets was published 02.09. Here he is presented by the Commonwealth Club, also in 03.09, explaining the history of the exoplanet search and the techniques used.

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Hidden Planet Found in Old Hubble Data

The planet itself is not a new discovery, but finding it in Hubble’s old data is.

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Are Earth’s signals detectable on other planets?

Have you ever wondered if Earth’s signals would be detectable by life on other planets? Find out more in this BBC article.

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Welcome to the Exoworld.Info Blog

First post! I’m happy to finally get the blog rolling. Lots of stuff happening with exoplanet research to post about. And after all, it is the International Year of Astronomy. In the meantime, I always talk about the benefits of space exploration on everyday technology we use, but odor-free underwear is a bit surprising. How […]

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