Carl Sagan – "Cosmos" Remixed

As an aspiring professional musician, one of my musical interests lie in the creation of science music. That is, music to inspire and educate about the sciences and their history, in much the same way science fiction does through print and film media. So when I came across Symphony of Science‘s, “A Glorious Dawn” featuring Stephen Hawking, I was elated. Carl Sagan fans will be delighted, science buffs should find this interesting in the least, and hopefully it will spark interest in other people. I must watch this at least ten times a week now, and judging from comments and those I’ve shared with, it seems to inspire and move to tears. With now over 2,000,000 views, I hope that at least one person out there may be motivated to carry on Sagan’s work, for I think our time is in need of a renewed bridge between the external Universe and the internal human mind. But yeah, I think, this. track. is. awesome.

Watch larger in higher quality on YouTube.

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