Updated outdated information in Exoscience and Exoresources. Will update Exoresources’ and Exogalleries’ links that are broken in the next week. by 6 May.  sometime when I’m able.

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Sky Guide iOS App

For those of you using iOS, a beautiful astronomy app.

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Slowing Down and Updating the Site

Too many projects on my plate at the moment that I can’t keep up with posting the latest, cool exoplanet info. I do plan on updating the site with some better functionality in the next few months in summer of 2014, while preserving the same look. Just better organized links and navigation on pages with a lot of information. The collection of resources is one the highlights of this site, as I intended it to be of use to students, educators, and armchair scientists and astronomers, so I’d like to get that in shape. Until then, cheers!

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Gliese 581g: Habitable?

“Nearly two years after spotting Gliese 581g, the celebrated ‘first potentially habitable’ alien world, the planet’s discoverers continue to fight for its existence.”

Rest of article here.

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Exoplanet Comb

In the search for worlds that are like Earth, a finer scale is needed.

Exoplanet Hunters Get a Technology Boost in Search for Earth-like Planets

 ESO image

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Tug, Tug, Tug, Tug. Hi! I’m KOI-872c!

New exoplanet found using the using the highly scientific tug method.

Astronomers using the Kepler Space Telescope have observed the gravitational tugging of one previously hidden planet on another known planet orbiting the sun-like star KOI-872. This technique led to Neptune’s discovery in the year 1846, via its gravitational influence on Uranus. This is the first time the technique has been successfully used to identify a planet outside our solar system. The paper describing these results was published in the journal Science on May 10, 2012.

KOI-872 Planets | Southwest Research Institute

KOI-872 Planets | image: Southwest Research Institute

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The Visual Exoplanet Catalogue

New gem I stumbled on. Will have to add this to the exoresources page after the new system build.

The Visual Exoplanet Catalogue

Planet GQ Lup b
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“Neil deGrasse Tyson Remembers His First Meeting with Carl Sagan” at Open Culture

“Neil deGrasse Tyson Remembers His First Meeting with Carl Sagan” at Open Culture.

→ Read the article and watch the video ←

Skeptic Trumps Cards by Crispian Jago, Caricatures by Neil Davies

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Hobby Astronomer Finds Planet

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Latest Kepler Finds: Kepler-20e and Kepler-20f

Latest Kepler finds.

Two new planets are most Earth-like ever seen – but hot as hell
Video on Guardian

Credit: NASA/Ames/Caltech.

Previous Kepler Posts:
Kepler Finds Planet in Habitable Zone Orbiting Sun-Like Star
ATTN: Armchair Astronomers. You too can hunt for exoplanets.
Alan P. Boss – The Crowded Universe

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